Bulk Weighing Systems

One of the most efficient ways of shipping grain is by rail and one of the most efficient ways of loading rail cars is a bulkweigher.

But if your bulkweigher is broke and you have 100 rail cars to load, who are you going to call? Siouxland Scale Service that’s who.
The Service Department at Siouxland Scale Service realizes the importance of this type of weighing and we have trained our service technicians on bulkweighers as well as stocked parts for all major brands of bulkweighers so that we can take care of any emergency you may have.

If you’ve had your bulkerweigh system a long time and it’s taking a long time to load rail cars, Siouxland Scale Service can visit your site and evaluate your system to give you recommendations on bukweigher upgrades that will increase your accuracy and loading times.

ADM Alliance

During 2008, Siouxland Scale Service installed a new truck scale at ADM ANI in Le Mars, Iowa. This involved tearing out the old scale and replacing the supports and the pit wall coping before installing a new 69-foot truck scale. Due to our business, we can’t shut down for a long period of time, so Siouxland Scale Service worked with us by completing most of the work was done during the weekend, with business back to normal on Monday morning. The project came in right on the quoted price and the workers were all very professional and safety conscious.
I really appreciate the quality of work done and the service we received from Siouxland Scale Service.

Staye Hoose Production Manager ADM Alliance Nutrition, Le Mars, IA November 18, 2015

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