LaserLight2 Remote Display

Prominently display weight, numeric data and messages with the LaserLight2 remote display. A super-bright LED display with non-glare lens provides sharp seven-segment, six-digit characters that are easy to read. Never lose visibility in dark conditions or experience wash-out in direct sunlight. Simply power up a LaserLight2 remote display in your application and the benefits are clearly visible.

A redesigned enclosure provides easy access to internal components. The front panel swings open for convenient setup and service, yet is securely held in place. The weather-tight, IP66 rated enclosure provides superior protection for worry-free daily use. The external keypad makes navigating configuration options safe and easy with up, down, left and right arrow keys as well as Enter, Setup, Mode, Set and Learn buttons.

Available in four-inch or six-inch character sizes, LaserLight2 remote displays include annunciators for gross, net, pounds, and kilograms. For added convenience, time and date is also included.

Available with a 4-in or 6-in display
Six high-intensity red digits (double-row discrete LED)
Time and date displayed when scale is empty
Auto Learn mode of communication protocols
Hold displayed weight (demand input)
Software selectable standstill mode for no updates while in motion
Durable weathertight IP66 enclosure
Adjustable daylight/night intensity
Non-glare contrast filtered lens
Mirror (reverse image) function
RS-232, 20 mA and RS-485 communications
Auto sensing 115/230 VAC power supply
PEMs for VESA flat-wall mount or side-mounting flange
Polyethylene breather vent inhibits internal moisture buildup
Red, green and arrow lights in stop/go version

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