Printer Kiosks

Improving more than just speed and accuracy, Printer Automated Ticketing Kiosk systems offer state-of-the-art features like RFID, vehicle recognition, and a durable, weatherproof design. Customize the Automated Ticketing Kiosk (ATK) system with a host of optional accessories like traffic lights and remote displays. Automate your traffic flow, maximize productivity and keep vehicles moving efficiently to gain other benefits like improved safety and reduced labor costs.

Direct Thermal Printer Kiosk

  • Custom America VKP80ii
  • Slide door access to ticket
  • 8 in paper roll

Printer Kiosk with Intercom

  • Digital Acoustics intercom substation

Printer Kiosk with Ethernet Intercom

  • Digital Acoustics Ethernet TCP/IP intercom substation

Thermal-transfer Printer Kiosk

  • Thermal transfer ticket printer kiosk
  • Painted mild steel enclosure
  • Slide door access to ticket
  • Zinc-plated 3/4-inch NPT conduit hubs

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