Fairbanks Access Solutions

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Fairbanks Access Solutions

Loaded with features, Fairbanks Access Solutions Entry Station greets vehicles arriving at your site with a visible and audio prompt.The Entry Station quickly captures essential transaction information and sends it to the MatreX System – a centralized processing and database system providing real-time data for the operator. The Entry Station can also process credit cards transactions. While powerful, the Access Solutions Entry Station is designed for maximum ease of use, with intuitive screens to speed up operations in all driver assist weighing applications.
Rice Lake ATK Printer Kiosk

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Rice Lake ATK Printer Kiosk

Improving more than just speed and accuracy, ATK systems offer state-of-the-art features like RFID, vehicle recognition, and durable weatherproof design. Customize the ATK system with a host of optional accessories like traffic lights and remote displays. Automate your traffic flow, maximize productivity, and keep vehicles moving efficiently to gain other benefits like improved safety and reduced labor costs.

  • Accommodates most models of thermal transfer printers
  • Circuit breaker protected AC power management (instead of fuse)
  • Custom-engineered riser plates ensure proper positioning of printer
  • Weather-resistant ticket access door with drain holes
  • Media storage and tool hangers inside the enclosure
  • Locked door secures printer
  • Access panel for printer front panel buttons/display
  • Optional fanfold paper storage chamber

Westway Terminals

We had a very good experience with Siouxland Scale Service and Gary Hanna. Westway Terminals had a particularly difficult scenario, with some complex issues. Gary was very clear in his presentation of providing a solution… the options that he put together made sense and were within budget. Steel prices were quite volatile at the time that we were considering the project, and Gary pointed out that because of market volatility, prices might have to be adjusted. I appreciated his candor, instead of getting the project with an escalated the price to reflect market volatility. The project came in ahead of schedule, under budget, and Siouxland Scale Service was very helpful when it came time to train our personnel. The scale has worked flawlessly, and we feel confident that our weights are very accurate. We scale thousands of trucks annually, and accuracy is tops on the priority list.

Their years of experience show, and I would recommend their products and services to anyone.

Mark Paulsen Terminal Manager Westway Terminals, Sioux City IA November 18, 2015

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